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Concrete Contractors of Durham

Concrete Contractors, Driveway Repair, Concrete Driveway in Durham NC


There are few materials that offer the combination of durability and affordability that concrete does. This is what makes it such a great choice for wide range of different needs. However, it’s not quite as simple as that. Concrete only offers this if it’s installed by quality concrete contractors who understand how to make concrete that’s truly tough. Well, this is the reason why there’s simply no better service to provide the concrete that you need. We are the quality service that always gets it right, so you can count on us to provide concrete of the highest quality every single time.

About Us

We are the concrete contractor who wants to make sure that you always get concrete of the highest quality. That’s because we understand this is the only way for you to get any value. This dedication to providing you with value is why we are the very best of the local concrete companies out there. It means that you can always rely on our quality team to provide you with concrete that’s tough, and that lasts. We know you don’t want concrete that’s simply not up to scratch. That’s something that you’ll never have to worry about when using our service.

builders pour concrete in the shop at the factory

Our Services

With a range of concrete services like no other team, coupled with our ability to provide concrete that’s truly tough and durable, there really is no one better to satisfy any needs that you may have when it comes to concrete. Whether you are looking to install a concrete driveway or concrete patio, we are the team for the job. We can even provide the option of stamped concrete, including wood stamped concrete. Our service also covers concrete repair, concrete finishing and so much more.

a concrete stamped walkway

Stamped Concrete

Don’t think concrete is the right option for you because it lacks decorative appeal? Choosing stamped concrete, or stampcrete instead can be a  great way to take advantage of all that concrete has to offer, including the affordable stamped concrete cost, whilst still making sure your concrete surfaces have real decorative appeal. With our ability to provide a wide selection of different stamped concrete designs, including wood plank concrete stamps, who better to call on when you need  “stamped concrete near me.”

house with concrete driveway

Concrete Driveway

When you want your driveway to last, you install a concrete one. Easy. A concrete driveway has a level of durability that you can really rely on. With proper care and maintenance, concrete driveways can last upwards of 30 years. And you get all of that for a relatively minor upfront investment given the affordable concrete driveway cost that our team offers. Our service not only covers driveway installation but also driveway replacement. We are also a professional driveway cleaner too.

cozy covered patio with stone trim fireplace. glass top patio table and comfortable chairs with stripped covers

Concrete Patio

Concrete can be used for more than just utilitarian outdoor surfaces. It’s also a great choice for home additions such as a patio. There are many reasons why choosing to install a concrete patio is a great idea. Concrete not only has the durability to withstand both constant foot traffic and exposure to the elements, but it’s also quick and easy to install. This makes the concrete patio cost very affordable. With the option of either a stamped concrete patio or a stained concrete patio, you can even install a surface with real decorative appeal.

workers poured concrete into a wooden formwork

Concrete Repair

Not only can we provide quality concrete, but concrete repair is also a real focus of our service as well. Although certainly durable, concrete is not immune from experiencing certain kinds of problems or damage. This can include cracks or even problems caused by external factors, such as settling or lifting. With concrete crack repair and more as part of our expertise, we can correct and fix any problems so that your concrete continues to last and provide you with real value for money.

workers grind the concrete floor at the construction site

Concrete Finishing

Concrete finishing is yet something else that’s covered by the incredible expertise of our team. Concrete finishes, in particular concrete floor finishes, can be a great investment. They offer a certain level of protection, give your concrete surfaces greater slip resistance and, best of all, improve the aesthetic quality of your concrete too. We can provide the very best selection of concrete finishing options, including broom finish concrete and more. So, when you want quality “concrete finishers near me” make sure that you come to us first.

newly build concrete roadway

Concrete Installation

With all of our experience and expertise when it comes to concrete installation, there really is no one better to call if you are looking to take advantage of all that concrete has to offer. As part of our installation service, our team can install a range of both concrete work and concrete flatwork, including smooth concrete. This also covers our specialized services regarding stamped and other decorative concrete options too. So, whatever needs you may have, we can provide the concrete to match it.

“An amazing service who truly provides quality concrete.” - Henry. B

“Easy, affordable and so professional. You really couldn’t ask for anything more.” - Lois. S

“Their team really does understand the best way to install concrete that lasts. Best of all their service is also fast and affordable.” - Garry. P

Call Us Today

Given that our team is well renowned for always providing concrete that’s of the highest quality, why would you call anyone else? We are the cement contractors who specialize in providing concrete that’s tough and durable for a range of different needs. Throw in our affordable rates and you’ll why we are always the service that people call first when they need concrete. If you would like to reach us, you can find our contact information on our website.